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Hello everyone, I thought I'd de-lurk and introduce myself. I'm Adam, and I'm a roleplayer. I've been playing since the beginning of 3rd. Though I have played 2nd edition, via Baldur's Gate and other Black Isle games.

I started 5 years ago I believe. It was at the local comic shop, and the DM of that gaming group(who was a friend of mine) asked me if I'd like to join. I said yes, and made my character, though I didn't know what I was doing really. "Are 2 16's and an 18 good?" I remember asking.

And the rest is history essentially. Our gaming group has gone through lots of changes, over the years. A year or more with a rather vicious DM, and later I started DMing. It seems like when I have a game that I like, something inevitably happens with a player to make it come crashing down. By this I mean a player killing 2 party members, reconciling that he went insane. Did I mention he was a knightly type character? So I usually have campaigns end prematurely that way, though not intentional.

However I finished up a d20 Modern game, that I had been running for some months. And now I'm thinking of ideas for worlds for a DnD campaign. So, my question is to you fine folks, what a) have been your favorite games and b)what non-standard DnD world do you like.

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