Zero Esgate (zerophoenix) wrote in roleplayers,
Zero Esgate

Hey guys. I figured I should put this here, because I know that most gamer folk like myself enjoy the fine arts, and usually are quite opinionated. I've had a fine arts community in the process for a few weeks, and now that all my travelling's done for the season... I'm ready to start it up. It's called The Metaphysix Community Project. All the information is on the site... along with a link and nav bar button to the contact form, if your interested in helping me out. The folks who constantly update will get their own webspace for their needs on the server. We're really trying to do alot with this project. I normally wouldn't spam anything like this on LJ Communities, but I really need the help of intelligent folks. If your bored, and want to be a part of a new community online, please check out the link.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from a few of you.

EDIT: After someone leaving a comment about this post causing problems... I'll take it down, if this truely pisses anyone off. If it does, just leave a comment, and it's gone.
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