Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken (kitsunex) wrote in roleplayers,
Dee Jay 7-Tails AKA Ken

Heavy Gear

Ok, so i was running an Exalted game.. well my own variation anyway. it was taking it and making it modern..

But anyway, that is't important. Basically the game died cause one of 3 players didn't really like the system, so we decided to switch. So now i'm ending up running a Heavy Gear game. Granted i ran a game before but it was like 5 years ago, so i'm a bit rusty on the details of the world. Basically i'm hoping to get some input to flesh out the campaign a bit as i'm starting it saturday.

What i'm thinking is having the 3 of them being a group of duelists that travel around participating in the various tournaments. But i'm thinking as a twist having them just using the duelist thing as a cover for their true actions. That being mercenary missions. They basically work for the highest bidder and take mercenary jobs for whoever and time it so that they can do it when they are in town for a Duelst tournament.

thats what i have so far.

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