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In Laws of the Night, doesn't it state that after Diablerie a character's own disciplines surge for an hour/a scene? They're not supposed to really gain a discipline from the diabolorized character. In the LARP V:tM Game that I play, our storyteller has just implemented new rules, including revised rules for diabolarie. Our Game has been transformed into a strictly Vampire/Camarilla game. We were having huge clusterfucks and terrible slaughterfests with the Sabbat attempting to take control of everything and all the most experienced characters taking advantage of everyone else. So, our main storyteller (we had one, now we have 3) decided he was going to fix it. That was about a month ago, and so far it's gone pretty well. Biggest problem right now is that everyone wants to play some type of Independant. I'm currently playing a Malkavian (and I personally think I play it perfectly well, because I hate those loony malks, too). I am one of the few people that will actually play a regular character without fucking it up and cheating. How do you get people interested in playing characters like Brujah, Malkavian, Toreadors, or Nos? I mean, all our game has currently is a handful of regular Cam supporters and a ton of Ravanos, Giovani, Tremere --Yeah, I play a Mage game in my spare time, but God do I hate those Tremere--, and the occasional Ventrue. And sometimes a Gargoyle. What is up with those Gargoyles, anyway?... ::Groans:: I thought they were just in the WoD. Isn't that right?
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