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Does the word "consequences" mean anything to these people?

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Do players even bother to think of the consequences for their characters' IC actions? I've had numerous players blithely do some really, erm, interesting things in character, and then get bent out of shape when they had to face the consequences for their actions.

Just one example -- in a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game I ran, a player had his character run out onto a city street in man-wolf form in broad daylight, then got upset at me for having the Garou higher-ups in the city punish him for the incident. Um, hello? Did he completely forget about the rule that says, "Don't let mortals find out we exist?"

Am I missing something? A number of gaming books I've read state that PCs ought to suffer the consequences for foolish actions, but I've had players continually behave as if their PCs had "script immunity."
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