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justin: the debriefing

hello all, the last time i posted was waaay back in january. for those who remember such trivial things (which all of you don't), i was auditioning for a play. i missed it. then i auditioned for the musical. got it. got a very minor part, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

recently however, i had to do a romeo & juliet skit for my english final. *devious grin* since then, i've had an experience in the musical, and played a vampire chronicle (which eventually collapsed because of me =[ ) and a werewolf chronicle (which fell apart because we decided to do something else with our social lives first). i got a 98 in the skit, and made my teacher's mouth drop!

i'm glad to say however that the onset of summer has brought new opportunities. the ST for both chronicles i've played has virtually made a new fantasy rpg called "Epoch" (yes, the concept has some parallels to Chrono Trigger, but doesn't CT kick ass???), which i will be playing. the pregame sucked tho. o well. then there's the werewolf game i can hopefully participate in (if my strict parents let me out once a week till 10, which'll be rare, even in summer). enough of my senseless banter.
anyone here dislike exalted? my friends who role-play (they're not 15 like me...they're up there in adulthood...oooo) play a lot of white-wolf stuff, but not the recent ones. they seem to loathe d&d, and any fantasy game. one of them came up with a theory: the thing with the "old-skool" white-wolf games all had somewhat of an explanation that made it seem more real. i'm sure many of you have heard stories about people who actually think they're vampires (based on the game...can you imagine people running around claiming to be of Clan Malkavian and "dementing" you, and you can't kill them with stakes or garlic?), and they murder. that's what got one of my friends into it. he's right...vampire, werewolf, mage, wraith, and hunter maybe...they can all be so real. the way its made, anyone walking the street at night and/or day can be any of those! that's why my friends like ol' white-wolf, but abhor newer stuff that deals with fantasy and d&d. i'm not meaning any offense here, because i can honestly say that i don't share some of their views. plues, most of them are all in Epoch (maybe it's favoritism, since they are friends with the creator). i don't know why i just posted.
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