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We recently started up a new V:tM game (yay) that will eventually have us playing elders. So far, we're just neonated, but it's only 411 A.D. so there's plenty of time.

I play a real bastard of a Lasombra, which is always fun. He's an occultist and stuff, so his ideals of "power" are a little different from that of his peers (and yes, he's a thaumaturge).

Anyhoo, the point of this post was not to rant about my character, but rather to share something with y'all - while thinking of a way to keep my character up to date and stuff (because I hate writing in pencil on actual character sheets), I poked around my hard disk and found a vampire sheet that I had made a while back... and I'm quite proud of it, if I must say so myself.

Some technical details: It's in A4 format (the standard in Denmark) and is a fully editable Word document. It contains all the info from the official 4-page V:REV sheet (condensed into 3 pages), and has an additional page for notes and stuff. The skills are currently a bit screwy (because I used it for a Dark Ages game), but should be easy enough to change back to the official skills. Also, the sheet contains the info for my new Lasombra, because I didn't bother to "reset" the sheet.

Anyhoo, you can get it from the below link. Enjoy!

Vampire The Masquerade Revised sheet

- Opinions and feedback would be appreciated, since I plan on eventually making a "clean" version of this sheet (and maybe era-specific and clan-specific ones as well) and posting them on my new website, when it's up.

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