All that will remain is a dyeing rose and a tear (martango) wrote in roleplayers,
All that will remain is a dyeing rose and a tear

Quick Question...

So im playing a level 23 half dragon, fighter who is riding a dragon....and im going agenst dragons right now...and i have to worry about dragon fear...and i dont get why i have it, becuse im riding a dragon, and im half dragon, so you would think that i wouldent be affected by it...and my cahters perpouse is to kill dragons, and if i have the hole dragon fear then i'm going to make a new char becuse that just seems tottaly stupid, and i came from a diffrent plane as well...and becuse im half dragon i would think that plan would be full of other dragons and i would have gotton over it, and such......

im sorry if i babled off the deep end...but it bothers me greatly
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