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It's all about me

Hello all!

I am known by several names: Sister Genevieve of the Innocents; Lady Aurora Dawnefyre, Mirianus, The Queen of Darkness, The Masqued Madame, Mistress of Pillows, etc. I've been a gamer/larp geek for most of my life. I'm a member of the IWG (international wenches guild). I'm a member of alt.fairs.renaissance. I've played D&D, AD&D, Vampire, and participate with DragonClaw. (They rock!) I've been going to RenFaires, doing RP, dressing in garb and acting/performing for over 12 years.

I've played Baldur's Gate, Planescapes'Torment, Diablo, Diablo II (which kicks ass), Quake, Doom, Half Life, Unreal, anything shoot-em up or hack n slash.

I play either royalty or poverty. I have problems with middle ground. (har! har!) I love this stuff and have for a long time.

::gets off soap box::

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