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GM Seeks Employer
13 year GM seeking room/board/dice plus 30K/yr salary. Willing to GM weekends, weekday games, run LARPs. Self-starter, motivated. Approx. 10 hrs/wk per game; full time comes to 4 simultaneous games w/ 3-6 players (TT) or 2 games with 10-50 players (LARP). Willing to put in overtime. Willing to work for co-ops. Can commute between game sites. could live in a "gamer co-op" - an apartment building owned and operated by a gamer or collective of gamer/residents. The rent would include utilities and game fees. The co-op would have paid, on-site GMs, hired through a careful selection process. You would be entitled to up to 2 weekly games, or 4 bi-weekly games, selected from a range of games offered by the resident GMs. Some games would have additional costs associated (books, LARP props). An apartment building of 200 people would have to have 2 resident LARP GMs and 10 resident tabletop GMs each running either 2 LARPs or 4 tabletops. The GMs would get apartments with big living rooms for hosting TT games. The building would have a basement with two recreation rooms for LARPing, one empty apartment for TT games or LARPs as needed, and a room dedicated as the game library, where residents could go to read any of an incredibly large collection of gaming books. Residents would also be encouraged to run their own games for each other. Applications for residence would be required, and the building would have an elected admissions committee to interview new residents.

A townhome community would work just as well (but be harder to maintain and require even more money), and the community rec center, instead of serving as the site for sunday school and storage for holiday decorations, would serve as the game rooms, library, and LARP space. Townhouse rent would not be 100% subsidized for on-site paid GM staff in that case.

If this were in the DC suburbs area, where I currently live, base area rent would make a 1br $900, 2br $1100, 3br $1300 and 4br $1500 or so (if they even existed). The additional GM fees would be about $200-240 a month per person, which would limit the building/community to well-to-do types, probably.

There are co-ops dedicated to other purposes. Why aren't there gamer co-ops?
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