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Highlights of RP...

Well, just to start a thread that might have some positve discourse, I was wondering if anyone out there would want to share the best campaign they ever ran/played in?

Shadowrun: A year in the Shadows/A Darker Year

Well, I'd have to pick my 2 year Shadowrun campaign (2 one year long campaigns, each one taking approximately one year of game time, played consecutively, though originally there was a plan to take 3-6 months between the two to play something else, but everyone wanted to continue the Shadowrun, so after a 3-4 week break including Paranoia and Battletech, it was back to Shadowrun) - split into two parts.

Why this is my fave campaign of all? Lots of different reasons.

1) Freaking phenomenal group of players. I'd basically (as dicussed in another thread) groomed my group, over the years, into a great group, that worked well together (except for when their characters wouldn't have), and were a combination of the different styles of gamer. Several of them (male and females alike) were ones that I was responsible for bringing into the hobby. We had amateur actors, strategists, problem-solvers, story-crafters, angst-mongers... well, you get the picture.

2) A great story. Shadowrun, while hardly the perfect game system, is a wonderful setting. I really enjoyed crafting a convoluted, machiavellian storyline, and weaving a bunch of shorter stories all through it. I got really creative with it, going for a lot of storytelling devices (flashbacks, dream sequences, little solo adventures, 2-player adventures, side stories, etc). I've always used a few here and there, but this was the first time I incorporated a lot of them, with great forethought to how and why and where they were placed.

3) Props. And no, I'm not talking toy guns brought in. (Though, for one Halloween session, I did have everyone dress up as their character... that was kinda fun.) But I set up a webpage for them to logon to and read news-feeds that had story hooks in them (as well as red herrings). I created physical props for stuff like the vial of an extremely contagious virus they were contracted to steal, the magical sword that they came across, and the like. (oh yeah, creating the online world for their decker to hack on occasion, that was a propular prop....)

4) Death. We actually had several major characters - NPC and PCs - meet grisly ends. Several were preplanned, a couple weren't exactly planned, but really complimented the story.

5) Passion. The players cared about the game. Every session, just about everyone showed up, and if they didn't, they usually had a good reason, like work or real life. They'd email me when they got home, asking questions about something that'd transpired. Or they'd want to know how their character could do x, y, or z between sessions.

6) Rotating cast. We had a few players start the game, last 4-6 months, and then drop out, for various reasons. Just like life; people come in, people leave. Look at any long running tv show - the good ones have rotating cast, where at least 1/4th of them are different by the end of the show.

7) A definite END. Loose ends aplenty, of course, in case anyone wanted to move their char to another game, several of the PCs were able to do that. Nobody did, though. Don't think they felt it would have been appropriate.

I've been proud of quite a few of my campaigns: Quest for the Rings (AD&D2nd), 3 Stones(AD&D 2nd), London Knights(Champions), Renegades of the Light Brigade (Mechwarrior), but the Shadowrun one takes top pick.

So, how about youse guys 'n girls?
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