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Deliria, the GAMA Awards, and You :-)

This is an open letter to any members of the Academy of Adventure Game Designers who might happen to be here... or to any fans interested in the process of nomination for the GAMA Awards.

For folks who want to find out more about Deliria, check out our downloadable preview at:

Thank you! :-)


Good morning, friends and comrades-in-gaming.

Tomorrow, the nominations will close for this year's GAMA Awards. And we would love to have Deliria on the ballot for Best Graphic Design and Best New RPG.

Many of you have read, or have at least seen a preview of, Deliria. And as you probably know, we've made it into only a handful of stores so far due to timing and a tough market for new releases. A GAMA Award, or at least a nomination or two, would help considerably with the uphill task of getting the book and its forthcoming supplements into a wider marketplace.

If you've seen Deliria, you know it's a worthy effort. It's already got a devoted international fan following and a pile of support from critics in and outside the RPG feild. We at Laughing Pan have put a tremendous amount of money, work, ambition and imagination into the book, and plan to continue with that path.

And right now, we need help breaking out to a wider audience.

Today, please take a moment to nominate Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium for the ballot on this year's GAMA Awards. We're seeking Best RPG and Best Graphic Design, and believe that Deliria is a fine contender for both.

Do you agree? Your comments to us suggest that you do.

Deliria is an optimistic setting. We're optimistic, too.

And we need your help.

Thanks for your consideration.

Take care! :-)

- Phil Brucato,
Author and Designer, Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millennium
Creative Director, Laughing Pan Productions
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