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Mummies and Werecats, oh my

So, okay, on a more positive note, we all know WoD 2.0 will have some version of vampires, Garou, and Mages.

I know Justin is trying to convince the powers that be to allow him to do a version of Changeling as well.

So, what would y'all like to see done in terms of how stuff outside the "big three" (i.e. mummies, werecats, changelings, ghosts, etc.) is handled, if at all, in the WoD 2.0?

Personally, I think they should be handled as optional "add-on" packs.

Essentially, for those who are fans of mummies, there would be a Mummies book and maybe one other supplement, but there would be an explicit "mummies are an optional creature type in the World of Darkness" sort of labeling.

This way, people could pick and choose their fatsplats, so you don't have this "2/3 of the population is made up of supernaturals" problem.

You could have a WoD that contains the "big three"... and Changelings, and nothing else. Or a "Gonzo WoD" that has Vampires, Werewolves, Mages, Wraiths, Changlings, Mummies, Demons, Imbued, etc.

Hell, I'd prefer the "big three" to be optional as well. But I'm happy with that as a baseline.

In fact, for the "more rare" creatures, if you make the stuff optional, you could have different takes on the same fatsplat. Like, you could have one supplement that does ghosts sort of like Wraith: the Oblivion, and a different one that does ghosts like the spirits in Orpheus.

I'd certainly be willing to pay for that sort of thing, sort of a more specialized version of the GURPS model.

Tangentially, once the WoD 1.0 is firmly out-of-print, I'd be willing to shell out $100 for a "World of Darkness 1.0 CD" that contained PDFs of all the WoD 1.0 stuff...

On a further tangent, I'd love to see a sort of OGL based on the WoD 2.0 core book. So that third-party publishers could product their own version of Changeling, using the WoD "core" book as a basis...
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