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Introduction and advice on speed

Hi. I'm new here. I'm a pretty hardcore gamer though. I run a Role master game, a Champions game, and have just started the <lj user=Championsrpg live journal. Last night I ran my Role Master game. IT went very well. Right now they are exploring the elven lands, and dealing with some very harsh rules. The elves in my world are very structured and very strict. What few laws they have are obeyed to the letter. They have no prisons. I figure immortals must have some pretty wacky population control. Has anyone else tried to incorporate logical population control in immortal races? Also, more mechanically, my players are about to enter a big long combat fest portion of the story. I usually try to avoid these, but I'm all for give em what they want. My biggest problem is that every combat takes so long. Does anyone have advice on shortcuts for combat in Role Master? (Besides running something else) :)
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