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WoD 2.0 Has No Metaplot

A while back I posted a rant about metaplots.

Some of you (who shall remain nameless) disagreed with my points strongly, mostly on the theory that "White Wolf does metaplots, and they make money, and therefore metaplots must be good, since White Wolf knows what it's doing."

I won't go into all the different ways that chain of logic is wrong: go back to the original flamewar if you must.

Well, the word on the street is the new World of Darkness 2.0 has no metaplot, and has abolished sliding successes, applying bonuses and penalties directly to the dice pool, which avoids the Trinity problem where a success is negated because you didn't get enough of them.

You know, I think I'm actually starting to look forward to the new World of Darkness. Especially if it has no metaplot.

Tho I'm not holding my breath for any apologies from those who argued with me, I do enjoy sitting back and saying: "Told you so." ;-D
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