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I'm a baaaaad GM

Did a massive clean of the house last week. And by did, I mean my wonderful girlfriend did all the hard work.

But I misplaced character sheets and revisions for my current game. So I showed up today without any of that stuff.

LOL. I am such a scatter-brain. Still, despite that we had an awesome session, which really is a comment on what we do and how we do it. The guys were a little pissed at me at first, but an hour later they had escaped past the pieces of paper, the lists of skills, the bonuses and abilities, and boiled things down to who their characters really were.

I just wish I could honestly say "I meant to do that." Session a success despite my best efforts!

Later a couple of us played our first game of Munchkin. What a gas! I won! Yea me!

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