Thoughts of a nerdy feminist (idemandjustice) wrote in roleplayers,
Thoughts of a nerdy feminist

Repetitive, coincidental patterns.

Does anybody besides me have certain types of characters that just don't work for them? Not because you can't play them well, but because you just have ridiculously bad luck when playing that particular character class?

Every Cleric I've ever played has died horrifically. I'm not a person who tends to have a lot of characters die, overall. First Cleric I ever played was killed by the breath of a Dracolich. The DM was even trying to save me, coming up with B.S. reasons for me to re-roll dice to avoid the nastiest of the effects, but those dice just really wanted that character to die. (I through away that set of dice after that game. Bought new ones before the next game session with my replacement character.)

Another of my Clerics died horribly after a Blade Barrier spell essentially landed on her head. Again, every die roll made in my attempt to escape was utterly failed. That Cleric wound up ALL OVER the room and all over the rest of the party. Another Cleric I played got polymorphed into an insect and nobody was able to successfully Dispel Magic before the character died of old age. And then there was the one who was hit with about five lightning bolts, rebounding into her, in just the space of a few seconds.

I think maybe Clerics aren't for me. I've played a lot of character classes, and that's the only one I have such difficulty with. I'm playing my second paladin at the moment, and, well, in the last gaming session I found her in a situation identical to that of my old paladin character. I found myself INSIDE a dragon's mouth, with hit points in the single digits. I managed to get out of that with my character's life, though. I guess they're still better off than my Clerics.
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