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Black Dog

Well, in my search to find where I can see/purchase a list of Black Dog books, I came across this site, and found it amusing.

taken from here

"Black Dog Books is a book production house and book publisher. We publish books for everybody, especially children. Look for them at your local bookshop.

We're committed to producing great books for children: the sort of books kids will want to pick up and read — and pick up and read again. If kids are given what they want to read, they can't be stopped. And we're targeting those most passionate of readers — children under 14.

We know books, we know authors, we know illustrators — we know what children love to read. And we're passionate about giving them the right books. We're here to fuel children's enthusiasm for reading.
Enjoy Black Dog's books and look forward to more to come. Black Dog—books with bite."

Is that even *slightly* amusing to anyone else?

ps--where CAN I find those BLOODY Black Dog books? o_o
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