Tammy (tikki_tikki2000) wrote in roleplayers,


The game i'm currently in seems to have a lot of backstabbers in the party. The group always seems to be working against each other instead of with each other. The only times where we're all in the same room and not beating on each other is when we're fighting a monster or something. I try to stay out of conflicts between people, but just the other day, one of the party members attempted to kill me, but knocked me un conscience and stole my ring of invisibility. Now we have a lot of eveil people in the group, but i don't feel that being evil to each other really helps everyone get things done. A lot of time is wasted waiting for people to stop beating each other up. The GM said next campaign he's going to try to restrict the amount of pvp that happens. Am i the only one who has experienced something like this?
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