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WoD-riffic in the Washington, DC area

Okay, it looks like I'll probably be running a Changeling game and a Werewolf game in my local area (i.e. the Washington, DC Metro area, with a slight bias toward the Maryland side of things). This is an open call for players.

These are face-to-face, in person tabletop games, not LARPs and not online games.

The Changeling game is an all-Childling game (i.e. the PCs will be grade school kids) set in a private school in West Virginia. Ever see the show Recess? Like that, kinda. The focus would be on exploring the Dreaming, protecting Dreamers, and stopping a threat that comes from the Dreaming and that only the kids know about.

The focus of the Werewolf game would be philosophy, and the interaction between the Wyrm, the Weaver, and the Wild. While there will be violence, this wouldn't be your usual Werewolf violence-fest. Bonus Freebie points for chargen will be given if all the PCs are the same Tribe, and more bonus Freebies if the PCs are all different Auspices. (Shoving these bonus freebies into the pack totem would be an excellent idea.) If we have less than five players, NPCs will round out the pack so all Auspices are represented.

Both games will use my Spiritual Attribute Rules rather than the standard XP system. Players will need to be pro-active, trying to create thier own plots rather than simply reacting to the ST's whim.
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