Stormy, publically embarrassing himself since 1982 (stormys) wrote in roleplayers,
Stormy, publically embarrassing himself since 1982

Ideas and suggestions, please

Hey all, I need a little help...

I've been approached by a friend who works for a local newspaper. He wants to do an article on roleplaying for their Features section, and has asked me to run a session for him and some of his colleagues, a couple of whom have never played before.

Now, I've run games for those who've never played before, so that isn't so much a problem. What I'm working on though is trying to get a decent game out of a single session. I've run plenty of lengthy campaigns, but never a one-off. I'll be precreating characters for them, but what I really need is a few nice ideas to turn into an adventure for a single session. Will be using a neo-medieval game world.

Any suggestions? As well as tips on how to handle these reporter-types ;)


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