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It just keeps getting worse

So our cleric of chaos me (Calla), and the party have a deck of many things. Who could not play with such a fun artifact? Well... the lawful character (Lily) opposed said actions and kept going on about "the soul-sucking demon" that may come for me. Undeterred, I pressed on and instead received the death card and dread wraiths came for me. Another party member (Calyx the psionic squirrel) decides to attack the wraith, another appears. Lily decides all hope is lost and asks the deck for two .
cards, first she draws the card of 10,000 experience woohoo, then the she drew the void and her soul was sucked into the sixth level of hell where a devil (Moloch)has possession. So, anyone have advice on how to do battle with the devil so we might all live and get her soul back? We must save her as she is the strongest party member and there enlies the problem.

But wait there's more! At a loss of what we could possibly do to save her our wizard of wisdom 9 decided to ask for a card, and he disappears to - you guessed it the 6th level of hell.

Since two of the players do not want to continue without their current characters if we all die I'm the only one left to rescue the entire game. DM says I need to be brilliant to save them. UGH! Actually there are two of us left but the sad fact is the other player is just not terribly bright so the weight falls on me.

Nobody will summon the devil, and even if they did the players would stay in hell.

DM's cleric tells us in a (prophecy?) that there are two paths 1. go to the first level of hell and negotiate passage to 6th with Tiamat (recommended) or 2. go to 5th level which will lead to war. We then have to choose which one to continue with the prophecy and of course we choose 1 since we are 7th (me) and 9th (squirrel) level and we hope maybe we can somehow talk our way through this. Oh yeah and Moloch knows we are coming and expects to have us all.

Any sparks of brilliance out there?

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