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Crazy campaign i thought of while quitting smoking

Yo all, ive been in roleplayers for awhile now, not really posting but, ive got an idea for a campaign if anyone is interested, heres the storyline:

You awake in a barren wasteland. Looking around your see nothing but sand and bones. Hearing screams of torment and death all around. The sky is crimson red, the landscape is barely lit by the sun. As the sun passes over the horizion, you see the shadow of 8 great towers. Knowing nothing of what to do, you head into the horizion. Knowing nothing except what youve seen. Wondering if youll ever make it out of this wasteland, back to your friends,family home....

Thats the quikie interlude. Lemme know what yall think, IM me on aim sometime if your interested, i need someone to help DM this mofo lol. My grp did it and loved it, so yea, if your interested holler!! The campain is for lvls 1-30. Im wanting to use D&D 3.5 to run this compaing or 3.0. Open to new rules if anyone wants to holler.
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