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Does anyone else have group problems where communcation about where and when game is breaks down?

The reason I ask is game that we were suppose to have last week got moved to this week (though we all knew about it) but the person who was hosting it has a friend in town and we found out tonight that there would be no game Wed. This isn't as bad as it has been. A couple of months ago, for a game on Sunday, we (my fince and I) had been told that there would be game, no one called us to let us know otherwise. For some odd reason I decided to get on AIM a couple of min before heading out. At that point I AIMed one of the players about game, where he informed me that there would be none. Two min before we were set to leave.

Sorry for the rant, but I just wanted to know if this was just my group or if others were like this too. And if any are, how do you go about fixing the problem?

Thank you
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