Doug Pirko (waiwode) wrote in roleplayers,
Doug Pirko

Game Session Aftermath


It wasn't the longest session, but it was one of the most intense.

Still, afterwards the players' feedback indicated that they found the big battle a little anti-climactic.

Although I see their point, the lethality of the system didn't lend itself to tossing the group into the hurly-burly for too long.

There was a fair amount of combat in the session, those who didn't get stuck-in did so because they preferred to be "in the rear with the gear."

One of the difficult challenges I faced was relaying battle scenes without giving over to narration.

I dealth with it by using conversation. The guy next to a player in the shield wall would comment. Ask questions: "Do you see how few of them there are? Why do we fear them?" I think it worked well-enough, it kept the players role-playing instead of sitting still for a ten minute presentation on the battle, my worst option.

Story wise they were well-pleased.

The players have a fair bit of mutual antagonism due to the nature of the last session and some decisions made in this session. I think the next session will mend those fences. Pirating down the coast, trying to seize enough vessels to effectively rescue the group of refugees.

Oh well. Always stuff to work on!


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