Alex the Killer Liberal (balthial) wrote in roleplayers,
Alex the Killer Liberal

Hey guys,

I'm thinking of starting an online RPG(based off the TV show "Friends" and Unknown Armies, if you're curious), but I've never done this before. If any of you who have played forum style games before could give me some advice, I have

First off, what format seems to work best? An email group, a journal based game, a forum on another site, or.....?

Is it possible to run the occasional action scene, or does it take too long to get everyone's actions in and what not?

How well does requiring "dice" for some actions work? or do most games focus entirely on narrative?

How many people do you think I might be able to get to play? Do people post reasonably frequently?

What's your general feel about these games? Have you found the RP is usually atrocious, or....?

Any other suggestions?

For the curious: Its a Cosmic level Unknown Armies game. A pair of friends think men, as a whole, arn't nice enough to women. So they decide to rewrite male psychology by getting their image of "The Male Lover" to ascend to the Statosphere. (The current archtype/God is based on Romeo, meaning he helps couples get together, but doesn't do a damn thing to help them once they're together.) To do this, they need an image of the male lover who they like better and who is in the popular consciece. They choose Ross from "Friends." They magickally alter themselves to look like other characters from the show, and are now trying to dig up rituals to help put "Ross" in the statosphere. The characters would be occultists who now look like the cast of "Friends", although they don't necessarily act anything like them. In addition to the ordinairy horror, action, and psychodrama, this game would probably involve lots of investigation and maybe even a little romance.

(I havn't got the game ready to run yet, btw. I'm not trying to sign players up, just get suggestions. )

Anyway, any help is much appreciated!
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