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Vaunted Pincushion of the White Robes

The setting: 15th-level Dragonlance Campaign

The place: Forest edge, inside the forest is an ongoing war between goblinoids and elves, currently in full flame.

The event: The party settles down just inside the forest edge. During the second watch of the night, my ever-trusty Dwarven Fighter (who has yet to fail me on a random encounter roll) once again pulls through (banishing the die said Fighter had been rolling back to the dice bag). A subsequent roll on my table brings up... The Goblin Rangers!

10 Goblin Rangers to be exact, of about 5th or 6th level. The party's own ranger is out like a light at the moment, so the Sonar/Radar net is offline. However, the Dwarven fighter notes actually manages to hear something, though he cannot see them. He wakes the party and they crawl from their sleeping bags and stand up. The Goblins first target choice? The White Robe Wizard standing in the middle of the camp. They raise their bows as one unit and loose...

Did I mention 6th level Rangers get to fire twice? Or that they had rapid shot?

One dead wizard later, the party is hightailing it back to a militant town run by Draconians where they can at least recover. They are a little wiser, having resolved to cast Magnificent Mansion every night whether they need it or not, and the White Robe has gained a new appreciation for Mending.

Ahh, it's good to be the DM.
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