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Something to laugh about

There is a DM in our group who just for the heck of it, has asked 4 of us to create a character for his new campgain. He calls this campgain the Uber Munch.
The basic idea behind the game is as such.
1. Take 2 classes and take the best parts of both of them.
2. Level Every Gaming Session, possibly two if we're really good.
3. Presitge classes are treated the same way as the classes, save for prereqs.

I know for sure we have 1 guy playing a fighter/wizard combo going into Spellsword Elemental Savant.
I am thinking of an Elven Fighter/Socerer combo that is going to jump into Order of the Bow and Arcane Archer, then later if I can jump into Shifter and Deep Wood Sniper.
I know it's a silly idea, but it got me to thinking, given these options to totally munch out. What would everyone else write up?

In case anyone wonders why only 4. It's because this GM knows we're the role players of the group and won't go utterly insane we'll still work with his plots. ;)
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