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I am currently in a game wherein I'm playing a pretty generic Paladin, far as the paper trail goes. Lawful Good, wise, charismatic, all that good stuff. But, he is extremely brash, due to his frustration with his "ascension" quest(He's not a full Paladin, in the game world) and thusly is easily made irritated, even angry. So, the party I'm with decides messing with the zealous Paladin would be the height of hilarity. He is extremely calm, even buying tools for the thief with his own gold as the thief sucessfully convinced him they were "engineering tools".

However, during our first dungeon run, they constantly mocked and berrated him for the simplest of errors and he was trying his best to take it in stride when, finally, he was laughed at for an idea he had to keep a trap from going off, and, not following that idea got our halfling's fingers cut off, and he just "lost it". Due to him losing his cool, he let a less talented healer fix said thief's critical wounds, while he retrieved his blade from a Mimic after a battle and completely ignoring the comrade. This brought up a argument with me and the healer, which culimanted in him attempting to Touch Of Fatigue me. I easily shrugged off the effects, but, I realized he casted a hostile spell on me, so, I said "If you do that one more time, your head will no longer be connected to your shoulders". Hardly a Paladin thing to say, and I knew that, however, this brought up a HUGE OOC debate which goes a little something like this:

"You're not allowed to say that!"
"Why not?"
"You're a Paladin"
"Well, yes, but, I'm also a human who was pushed too far"
"But, that's not what your allignment says"
"If the DM feels it necessary, he'll change it"
"You're a terrible Paladin!"
"Well, that's my character. If you don't like it, you can always attack him"

The DM sided with me, saying that if I was willing to take the allignment\class hit(become a Fallen Paladin), I can act however my character would, and he sees no faults in my playing style, yet, the players continued to call foul. What do you, collectively, think? If a player is willing to accept the consequences of his actions, and clearly explains that's how his character acts and has a history of such, shouldn't the game just continue?
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