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Does anybody remember an old gaming product called the Dragonbone?

It was basically the a black tube (the size of a small flashlight) that was used as electric version of all the standard gamer dice. It had a switch that allowed you to set it from D4 all the away through D100.

You'd pushed the button and the little red LED lights would display the given dice result.

I normally frown upon the use of electronic dice in an RPG game, but a friend of mine had one back in the day. We'd make newbies use it whenever they joined the group. It became another one of those things that reminds me of the "good old days" of gaming. For some reason I thought about it, while doing a search for stuff on ebay.

I sometimes see it referred to as the "Dragonbone Dice Wand".

Did anybody else have one of these? I've never seen another one ever again. This guy used to have everything.
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