Sean (darksoul) wrote in roleplayers,

Does this make me a sick sick man?

i'm going to start working on a very demented character soon for a random "Hey, my character isn't going to be here, so i'll play a back up character until my character arrives" character at a LARP Vampire game. so here's my thought...

Jesus Christ!

Not the actual Jesus Christ (i'm sure the actual Christ has been done dozens of times...i wonder if he'd be a Salubri...), but someone with an extreme case of the derangement delusions of grandeur. worse yet, he's a ventrue (this is tenative, but i think it's feasible that a ventrue with delusions of grandeur could think he's so great that he's the son of God...) who everyone assumes is a Malkie. i'll have to gather a small posse (assuming that he'll be a wimp maxed out with mental and social traits) so i won't need to worry about him getting slaughtered for being, well, Christ.

should i seek professional help for this?
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