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Satyr question

x-posted in changelingway and wod_lj:

Here's a question for the CtD players -- are satyrs, to at least some degree, about sex? I've always assumed they were, but the GM of a game I used to play in emphatically insisted that they weren't.

My husband and I used to play in this GM's CtD PBEM game. He (my husband, not the GM) took over a satyr character from another player. When the satyr started getting very close to my sidhe PC, the GM started climbing the walls. He kept insisting that satyrs were sages, and that their association with sex was a "modern and sensationalistic view" of them (or something like that).

On the other hand, I had a player of a female satyr in my Play-by-Post game state that "like most satyrs, [her character] is bisexual..." and had a player in a tabletop game tell her husband (a new CtD player), who was playing a satyr, "You're a satyr. If it has a brain and an orifice, it does it for you. And sometimes the brain is optional." :)

Opinions one way or the other? The GM of the game mentioned above is the only person I've played with so far that thinks the way he does, but I was wondering what other people thought on the subject.
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