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Question about Firearms

I'm about to start a new campgain, my last one soon to go up in a cloud of dragon's fire,
Rakahsa Magic, and Godling doo.

I'm stuck on the question of which game system to run this in. I am a D+D GM from 2nd Ed... and I know the system well and I am aware of it's limitations.
I however also like BESM for it's flexiblity... and truthfully BESM would best fit the idea concept of the world, for those of you who watch Anime think Slayers and Those that hunt elves combonied into one.

The reason I post this question to players and gms here is because I know I can recieve a lot of feed back.
D+D has rules for rifle, and pistol damage.
However the questions stem from how much damage would a Cimarron 'High Wall' one shot rifle, or one of the Winchester rifles, or Buntline used by Wyatt Earp, or a 1873 Cimarron Model 'P' revoler do. I know from expercine how quickly you can fire off these guns and can adjust that in the game to reflect that.

The reason I ask is because before in D+D our group has tried and failed, to create a realist fire arm and have failed horribly... the first person in our group David created pistols and rifles with open ended damage... if you rolled a 10 for the pistol keep rolling, if you rolled a 12 for the rifle keep rolling, and he made it so running around in all arm would be ineffective as they punctured right through as if you were wearing silk.

Another in our group created rifles that were semiautomatic and you could empty your entire clip from your rifle straight into a person in a single round, granted the clip held a total of 5 shots but still. The damage for the rifle was a d10 and his pistols were a d6.

Another one of our gm's created fire arms which were woefully under powered till they crited. the pistol was a d3 and the rifle was a d6... they were single shots and when you crited you did x6 damage, of course you had to roll a Natural 20 to do this.

This world I'm setting this in, will have technology as advanced as today save for 2 major differences. As far as transporation beyond horses they will have steam engines, trains and boats really, because making gas is extermly hard and time consuming, and they have more important things to worry about... and the lack of divine and arcane magic, they will have it, but much like Shadowrun it will be at max 1% of the population, and most people will find it rare to see that sort of thing.

I had thought about D20 modern for that, but I don't really feel like buying those books and learning the system, and I have no clue where to find Dreadlands for the damage their weapons can inflict.

In BESM one can do what I am preposing fairly easy, however my players treat anything from BESM as a joke and aren't prone to taking it serious, even after you've told them to take this serious.
That is my only Qualm with BESM and this Campgain Idea.
If anyone can give me some helpful pointers on creating damage that isn't insane with these firearms I would be very happy.

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