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Dice-rolling programs?

Hey, guys. This upcoming Friday, I'm going to be running a truly ridiculous combat involving nine separate NPC attackers on a seven-person party. To save time and streamline the combat, I was planning on rolling up all the attacks of a certain type in advance, so I don't have to make nine attack rolls and add them up separately every round.

Better still, though, would be to use some kind of computer program that could generate that sheet of numbers for me. I'm running a Dark Conspiracy game using a somewhat bastardized version of Mage 3rd Ed., so what I'm looking for is a program that can roll a number of virtual 10-siders for me at a set difficulty, and then give me a result equal to the number of successes. Bonus points if the program knows the difference between a failure and a botch by White Wolf 3rd Ed. standards.

I've been poking around online looking for an appropriate dice-rolling program, but most of the ones I've found want to add up the results on all the dice they roll, not consider the dice individually and count up the successes. Alternately, there are "virtual dice" programs which can produce individual 6d10 rolls, but considering I want something like 100 results, pushing a button 100 times and writing down what happens isn't any easier than just rolling the dice.

So ideally, I'm looking for a program that will let me set the number and type of dice to roll, the difficulty I'm trying to make or beat, and the number of rolls I want, and then just kick me out a set of accumulated successes for each roll. Best-case scenario would be a program that does all this and runs on a Mac OS X platform, but I understand that that's probably way too much to ask.

So. Does anyone else use a publicly available computer program for this kind of thing, and can you recommend any that you've used and liked?
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