Mr. Mike (maddhatteraz) wrote in roleplayers,
Mr. Mike

When things get deadly

I have been doing a lot of work on the story for my campain and have come up with an excellent 'main' story with many others in it. Now, some of these dungeons are deadly with some creatures that will trap the team or lead them into an ambush and set traps too. Along with some of the later roleplaying could get some people killed if they are not careful. But what is too deadly.

My goal is to have them complete this main task. But it will not be easy. I plan on having them really utilize their skills. And allow prestige classes too. But you must work for the special classes, they are not given.

this one I am not worried about, but could seperate the party. is it really bad to seperate the party like that?

There is a bridge that crosses a river and a cave that goes through the mountain infested with kobolds. The bridge cannot take more than 200 LB at one time. If they fall, it is a fast current river so it is 2d6 fall damage because it is not deep. they may be swept away. or they could go through the mountain.

This is one I worry about.

The players are traveling and cross over an old battle field. The battle was 677 years ago. But there where over 1000 people killed here. There is a powerful necromancer that trapped the entire field with raise dead traps. Once they go in, they may not come out. Especially since you kill them and then another trap triggers and they are back! And the dead can trigger them too so more and more will come.

This may be too deadly and have to be taken out. But where should I draw the line? Or should I just give them hints about it and then instead of traveling over it they may investigate it and be cautious in that area.

I guess that is the key. The amount of knowledge you grant the players is a major factor detemining the difficulty. Any other ways of increasing difficulty or lowering it? And is there too deadly?
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