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the spinster down the street

GMing advice needed

I'm a bit stuck with my Changeling PBEM's next story. Here's the deal so far:

It's only the second story, and it's supposed to be the first to kick in my chronicle's story arch -- which doesn't really matter for the purposes of my question, fortunately (because it'd take way too long to explain).

The basic plot of the story is that a NPC is attacked by the freehold's enemy (one they don't know about yet; they're part of the story arch), whose magic goes completely wrong. So instead of its intended effect, it makes the NPC morph into a number of fairy tale creatures all at once.

... well, not all at once. The change would be slow at first, with her quickly acquiring one trait after another until she's a terrible mess.

But upon reflection, no one has seemed to warm up to this NPC, even though she's one of the player's mentors. So ... short of trying to scavange up a new NPC that my players might care even less about, I considered having the effect happen to one of the PCs.

The problem that I'm immediately seeing is that the PCs will feel like they either have to A) leave the afflicted PC to rot at the freehold (PC would be able to go on the quest for the materials needed for the cure; I'd make sure of that), or B) eschew the quest in favor of staying with the PC -- which means I'd have to frantically think up another cure.

Which I suppose could happen anyway. I have no idea. I'd also have to find a new way to get the subtle attack in... So. Hm. A lot of added work, and no real idea if it would be worth it. What do you guys think? Stay with the NPC? Go ahead and make the PC afflicted? What to do...

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