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Really STUPID acts of heroism

I just had to share this brief little note, because my husband/dm has named all acts of foolhardiness I commit after this one stupid act.

Could never have happened if I wasn't playing a paladin. (AD&D, skills & powers... please save the comments about how crappy the system is; I'm anachronistic and I like it.)

Dragons had recently re-emerged into this homebrewed world, and an alliance was formed with the metallic dragons and the city most of the protagonists called home. So, my paladin was out one day in the woods, waiting to meet with a friend. I'd been receiving little hints that something didn't seem quite right, but I wasn't really sure what as of yet.

Until I saw, overhead, a gold dragon flying very fast, being pursued by two red dragons that were basically on the verge of tearing it to pieces. Well, I'd never fought a dragon with this paladin. I thought it seemed a little worrisome that my dm would see fit to throw me into a fight against TWO red ones. But obviously I was meant to fight them, right? I couldn't idly stand by while they slaughtered that gold dragon, as the gold dragons helped protect our homeland.

Well, I got my wizard friend to cast fly on me. This wizard (who was an NPC) insisted I NOT confront them while they were so far away (they'd hit the ground a couple hundred yards off). I assured the wizard that I wouldn't do something that insane. The plan was to get their attention, and fly back toward the wizard so that they could pelt the dragons with spells while I handled them.

I WAS smart enough to cast protection from fire on myself. Off I go. Now, do you know how much faster a dragon can fly than a paladin with a Fly spell cast on them? It's at least twice as fast. And when this paladin is flying toward them, firing a bow, and only one dragon bothers to care, and I need BOTH of their attention... the situation became quite painful for me very quickly.

I quickly realized it was too close and I had no choice but to flee back toward my wizard friend, who I hoped had something very impressive planned. By then I'd already been breathed on (good thing I'd cast Protection from Fire), and was trying to get away, but I was quickly caught in its mouth, where I got chewed on a hell of a lot. By the time I got free of its mouth I had only 2 hit points out of my max. I survived only because the gold dragon had already damaged the other dragons quite a bit, and the other red dragon never came after me. (Some other people went out to deal with it, noticing the commotion going on outside the city.)

Apparently I was supposed to assume I could do nothing to save the gold dragon, and I was expected to round up some people to go after the two red dragons AFTERWARD.

My husband pointed out to me that typically, a group of characters go after a single dragon. A single character does not go after a group of dragons.

Now, any time I take an insane risk my husband says I'm charging two dragons again.

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