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So I run a powerful D+D game... and I constantly see myself telling a story, and only engaging a few players... or giving my players a chance for Character Development and nothing happens...
This is a planar campgain, because I wanted to make it that way.
I created a monster, I call it the Dimensional Maurader just because of the name, it's hard to pronounce. This monster is SUPPOSED to be uber powerful and tough to kill, It's totally immune to Fire, takes normal damage from ALL attacks, and has Regeneration of 10, and has a strength and con comparable to that of a troll. The only way to "kill" the monsters is to behead them, which they will lay on the ground for 10 minutes while they begin to reproduce. Their is no way to kill the monster, that the party has access to... ok now that little lead up is done.

The main character is a Half Elven Eldrich Knight named Cedris, female, who works for the Magic Guild of the Realm of Magic (The Plane of Magic)
The 2ndary main character is a Rogue/Fighter/Assassin named Hawk also from the Realm of magic.
My drow fighter, is an NPC and is not really interacted with, **shrugs** Fine it's a NPC in a party of PC's.
Derivon, a Half Fiend fighter on holiday from Hell for as long as inhumanly possible.

Now, the problem I run into with these characters, only one of those characters likes to interact, The Half Fiend enjoys PC interaction and enjoys down time between adventures and likes to attend parties of the well to-do.
How do you get a group of PC's to interact with one another when it seems they are so overly against interaction. I place most of the blame upon The player of the Half Elf, all the player wants to do is hack and slash and finish up getting experince and treasure so he can buy nice things for his female character.
The reason I ask this, is because I need to form a more complete working unit before I throw them into my version of Ravenloft for several adventures... they work well as a team, but it's just like it's a bunch of Final Fantasy 1 characters thrown into a game and told to hack monsters.
I have given the Half Elf player many times a chance to RP, I actually gave them 3 weeks of down time in a Planar Metropolis and only got the, I'm going to the jewelery stores for the length of time we're here, and when people would talk to the character he would walk away and come back a few hours later when he figured the person was gone... where as the half fiend went around and tried to find where all the parties were and tried to get invited to them, and took the half elf to one, that one got crashed as it was supposed to.
Suggestions in team building exercises? The characters are all roughly lvl 15 so they're pretty tough and can take on MOST if not ALL challenges their lvl if they think and work together.

The over all goal for the campgain is they will destroy a Dragon turned God of Time and then kill that said dragon, but in the process of destroying the God, they have to cast a spell, and this spell causes the creation of the Dimensional Mauraders, which then allows for the 2nd campgain to start where they solve the problem of the Mauraders and then opens up the third campgain where they fix the evils of the 2nd campgain. I've got the work planned out, and it's deliciously subtle in the way it works, which is how I have to do things that the party will want to lynch me for later.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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