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Star Wars RPG Question

Hey all. I've been bitten by the GM radioactive spider as well as being irradiated by the Star Wars gamma bomb. On one hand I've gotten back in roleplaying and on the other I got SW: Knights of the Old Republic for the Xbox.

That said, I have a question. I want to run a campaign around the era of the SW:KotOR setting (about 20,000 years before the Empire era I think) right after the defeat of Malak. All I can find for adventure material deals with Empire Rising, the Rebellion, or the New Jedi Order/Republic eras. Does anyone know where I can find some material not in these eras? I may end up running some stuff that's around a hundred years before the rise of the Empire, but I want to run in an era where the Jedi are prevalent, present, and regarded. Some small adventures might be good. Any thoughts, advice, or ideas? Thanks in advance!

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