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i'll be running a game where modern day adult characters get whisked off to Oz and have adventures. this may end up being the intro to a campaign where the cahracters learn that lots of fictional palces are and always have been real. altantis, shangri-la, wonderland (through the looking glass), etc. for now i'm mostly concerned with Oz. anyway, here's my question:

should i tell the players what's in store? the characters won't know beforehand whats up, but it might be good for the players to know. when you're playing DND or WOD or Star Wars, you kind of know what you're in for and have some background to build a useful character. if i keep the players in the dark as their characters will be, until the cards are dealt and they know what's up, they may end up with less than useful characters. if i tell them to make modern mundane characters they may end up making an expert race car driver, or a guy who's great with a gun, and not much else. at the same time i really don't want to ruin the surprise. i think maybe i'll tell them to just make realistic well balanced characters and keep them in the dark. if they end up with an astronaut and a UN diplomat and a grade school teacher in Oz... that might be intereting actuall. i think i answered my own question. anyway feel free to chime in. how much, if any, advance knowledge should i give them?
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