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Lacking Ideas

I am the worst slacker ever.

I run a World of Darkness campaign online that's a weekly thing, and after the last session that was about two weeks ago, my creativity well has seemed to have run dry. I just don't know what to do next, and the next scheduled session is tonight. I already had to cancel last week because of this, and I've got one of the players on my ass about it.

Okay, let's see. I'll try to make this brief so that I don't loose about half of you. In the last session, I had the players split up into small groups to better introduce two new characters.

The werewolf was off on her own, and met another werewolf, who told her what she was. Yeah, she's a cub who would black out during the few times she's actually changed to another form. No problems here, as I can easily give her another interlude where she's starting to be taught about her true heritage.

The Brujah of the group was hanging out around a closed club, and encountered the new Mage, and then helped her blow a MiB to hell. After that, they agreed to go to a coffee shop and talk, but I had to stop there to allow time for the last group.

Said last group consisted of a Gangrel who got into a fight with her Sire and his new childe and nearly died for real this time. However, the new Ventrue showed up and started beating the childe with a tire iron. Not all that effective when everyone else has Feral Claws, but it served as a distraction so the two can get away.

I wanted to have everyone but the werewolf meet somewhere together, but I've screwed myself over for that. The session before the one I just described, the first Ventrue to be in the coterie got blown up. As such, his club (and the hangout place of the coterie) is in an ownership dispute ("Hey, what do you mean he didn't have a will!? And who the hell are his relatives?"). Oh yeah, and there's also a few overarching plots that include Sabbat going into open fighting against the Camarilla in the city, while Pentex has set their eye on doing something with the already-screwed cairn stone close by.

*takes a breath*

Problem is, having the four just happen to meet somewhere on accident sounds damned campy. I don't want too much combat in this session, either, because combat is a bitch to run and takes far too long with even four people.

This is me, pleading for guidance.
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