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Hold the angst, please...

Anyone have any idea what prompts people to create characters who've had enormous amounts of misfortune happen to their characters *before* a game even starts?

One example that sticks out in my head was the player in one of my Changeling games whose eshu was orphaned by Black Spiral Dancers (she was Fianna kin -- don't ask). Then her adored little sister was gang-raped by a redcap street gang who were then slain by her Fianna brother and his pack, but the sister ended up in a mental institution, life having "stopped for her at the age of twelve." *Then* the character's beloved adoptive father died of cancer, leaving her tragically alone in the world. *sighs*

Another question -- how come when something bad happens to a character in White Wolf games, the perpetrators just about always tend to be Sabbat, Wyrm creatures, Unseelie redcaps, etc.? What's wrong with having ordinary mortals be the bad guys once in a while? After all, it *is* the World of Darkness (TM).

Any opinions?
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