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d20 sucks

instead of a debate, how about some advice?

I'm trying to make a prestige class specifically for a ruler of a kingdom
something generic that could apply to a character being the king of a country or the governor of a province or the baron of a castle
I wanted to make one for good-aligned characters (the Samaritan) and evil ones as well (the Enforcer) but I'm having a hard time coming up with unique abilities for a regent character

my original idea was that the Enforcer would be able skilled at swaying public opinion to be apathetic to his rule and allow him to revel in tyranny, and the Samaritan would be a beneficial ruler whose people would prosper with personal freedom, but I'm finding this doesn't work very well when they oppose each other
but now I'm just trying to make a generalized Regent prestige class
I've still only got a few special abilities, basically things that allow the ruler to sway the loyalty of his citizenry, make maintainance costs for running his kingdom cheaper and removal of certain penalties to his Leadership score

any thoughts? ideas? comments?

p.s.- I'm basing alot of this off of rules from the 2nd edition Birthright setting, but the class is being written up using the 3.5 books, I will post the finished class here when I've finished it
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