d20 sucks (d20_sucks) wrote in roleplayers,
d20 sucks

Everyone has their own reasons for using the internet

and some of us don't use the internet for the same reasons.

I would just like to announce that when I made a post looking for players for my tabletop D&D game in this community I was never flamed, I was never told that I shouldn't do it, and I managed to get a new player to my group and meet a cool new friend. (Oh yeah, don't bother looking for my original post, I deleted it once I got enough players for my group.)

Personally, I use the internet to meet new people and communicate. If it hadn't been for this community and livejournal I never would've met the players that are in my gaming group.

I don't think there's anything wrong with posting for your gaming group or looking for playtesters for an RPG in a community called "roleplayers"
if you don't like reading the posts, do what I do: ignore them and don't read them

With that opinion in mind, I would like to point out that I agree with silentclarity's actions regarding repeated postings
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