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Online Message Board Games - Advice??

Well i am over on and started a couple of games. Just to try out a few systems. I mean, my game book list is here:

Game Books

Eden Studios
Buffy Core Book, The Magic Box, The Slayers Handbook, Monster Smackdown

Guardians Of Order
Big Eyes, Small Mouth (2nd ed), Cute & Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters

White Wolf
Clanbook Gangrel, Clanbook Malkavian, Vampire: Dark Ages, Vampire: Victorian Age, Dark Age Mage, Dark Age Inquisitor, Revelations of the Dark Mother, The Book of Nod, Mage (2nd Ed), Mage; Cult of Ecstacy (2nd Ed), Mage: Storytellers Guide (2nd Ed), Mage Players Guide (2nd Ed), Aberrant, Hunter The Reckoning, Hunter The Reckoning: Players Guide, Vampire Storytellers Book, Guide To The Sabbat, Hunter The Reckoning: Avenger, Clan Book: Malkavian, Clan Book: Giovanni, Kindred Of The East, Axis Mundi: The Book Of Spirits, Revised Sorcerer, The Bitter Road, Manifesto: Transmissions From The Rogue Council, Tradition Book: Hollow Ones, Dark Ages: Book Of Story Teller Secrets, Dark Ages Companion, Cario By Night, 3rd Ed Vampire The Masquerade, Bitter Crusade, Ashen Cults, Guide To The Traditions, Kinfolk, Unsung Heroes, Werewolf Storytellers Handbook, mage The Ascension 2nd Ed, Revised Mage Storytellers Handbook, Guide To The Camerilla, Time Of Tumult, Games Of Divinity, Caste Book: Twilight, Everquest DMG Guide

Minds Eye Theatre
Laws Of The Resurrection, Revised Laws Of The Night, Revised Laws Of The Wild, Book Of The Wyrm, Laws Of Ascension Companion,

Sword And Sorcery
Engle, Everquest Players Guide, Monsters of Norrath, Ravenloft, Secrets of the Dread Realms, Champions Of Darkness, Van Richtens Arsenal, Ravenloft GM Screen, Heroes of Light, Denizens Of Darkness, Creature Collection, Creature Collection II, Relics and Rituals, Ravenloft Gazetteer, Ravenloft Gazetteer II, Vigil Watch, Warrens of the Ratmen, Scarred Lands Gazetteer: Termana, Scarred Lands Campaign Setting: Ghelspad,

Wizards Of The Coast
Oriental Adventures, Players Handbook (3.0), Dungeon Masters Guide (3.0), Monster Manual (3.0), Book Of Vile Darkness, 3.0 DM Screen, Sword and Fist, Tome and Blood, Defenders of the Faith, Masters of the Wild, Song and Silence, Enemies And Allies, Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Realms: Magic Of Faerun, Forgotten Realms: Monsters Of Faerun, Forgotten Realms: Lords Of Darkness, Hero Builders Guidebook, Stronghold Builders Guidebook, Return To The Temple Of elemental Evil, Sunless Citadel, Bastion Of Broken Souls, Book Of Challenges, Forge Of Fury, Speaker In Dreams, D20 Modern, Star Wars Revised Core Rules, dark Side Sourcebook, Lord Of The Iron Fortress, Deep Horrizon, Heart Of Nightfang Spire, The Standing Stone, Manual Of The Planes, Deities And Demigods, Monster Manual II, Dieties and Demigods
Savage Species, Epic Level Handbook

Green Ronin
Tales Of Freeport, Mutants And MasterMinds, Freedom City

Creatures of Rogukan, Magic of Rogukan, Rogukan, Undead

Palladium Books
Beyond The Supernatural, heroes Unlimited (white cover), Villians Unlimited, Aliens Unlimited, Galaxy Guide, Mutant Underground, Heroes Unlimited GMs Guide, Gramercy island, Century Station

Van Richtens Monster hunters Compendium Vol I, Forbidden Lore Boxed Set, Nightmare Lands Boxed Set, The Complete Book Of Villians, Hour Of The Knife, The Created, Book Of Crypts, Chilling Tales, Forged Of Darkness,

Mongoose Publishing
Encyclopedia Arcane: Demonlogy, Encyclopedia Arcane: Necromancy, Encyclopedia Arcane: Elementalism,

Mystic Eye Games
Urban Blight

Legends And Lairs
Spells and Spellcraft, Mythic Races

Acceptance of Fate

Bastion Press

So here they are, my games:

Under A Blood Moon
- System: Everquest D20
- Closed. I have the amount of players I need. Im testing the system out to see if I like it or not.
- Plot: The characters all meet up in a tavern after witnessing a Blood Moon and received word of a death of one of their friends. 10 years ago, the luckily managed to tick and bind a demon. A prophet had told them they would grow to be great people of legends but they needed to watch for the Blood Moon for that is when the demon would be released.. Years passed and moons came and went. Now one of their friends is dead and the Blood Moon rises in the sky.

- - - -

Elysium Of I’mage
- System: BESM Revised 2nd Ed
- Closed. I have the amount of players I need. Im testing the system out to see if I like it or not. The characters play those descended from fey or are tracking those of fey type.
- Plot: Hidden Falls. A city that has a high rate of mystical phenominon. Many new agers flock to Hidden Falls due to their energy vortexes. However a dark feeling has settled over Hidden Falls of late and although everyone feels its icy touch, no one really knows whats going on. Many pass it off as nothing but the new agers and children are aware.

Quite aware.

- - - -

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Generations
- System: BESM Revised 2nd ed
- Open.
- Plot: This takes place after Freddy Vs Jason and allows me to weave together some stuff ive been wanting to try in a gothic horror game with the system.

- - - -

I was thinking about doing a Heroes Unlimited game but im not sure. I mean I have no players for my Nightmare game so *shrugs*

What Should I do? I mean i can handle one more
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