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Possible Cause for Concern?

Cut because this may appear to be to long on some screens... Gods knows it did on the computer at school...

Greeting fellow players,

I was wondering if anyone else often felt this when playing a Lawful Good character.

In my brothers D+D campgain we wrote up lvl 7 characters for the orgional Dungeon Crawl style game. I wrote up the fighter after much debating over wether or not I wanted to play a rogue, and I decided I was going to play Lawful Good, because of certain vile acts I'll be commiting in Shadowrun shortly. **whistles innocently** Because I wanted to go the improved trip route I couldn't be a paladin, so I'm just a lawful good fighter.
However our rogue is an opertunistic S.O.B. and coup de graces everyone I knock down, O.C. this is great less change to damage our Summoner (Mage) and our Cleric. However the said Summoner and said Rogue are making my life difficult as a player, I act the part of a fairly good knight in shinning armor, though I've gone into Dragoon prestige class now (Custom Created for balance by one of the other GMs in the group) and as such I'm sent in first to the thick of frays, I play LG like it's meant to be, I lead by example. However I'm seeing as I'm not useful in the least, the rogue on a single strike will do as much damage as I do on all three of my strikes, Greatsword (2d6+11) cause of my modified str of 20 and using it two handed with it's plus one enchantment. I set to work fighting one enemy with the same amount of HP as I do, or darn near, and dispatch my foe in about 3 rounds, litterally we were hacking on one another for ever it seemed, and the rogue managed to kill his in two passes. Not to mention the fact that the rogue has a jump skill of the same +28 (+10 from boots of striding and springing, +5 from str, the rest all skill) and can do the same attacks as I can as a first level dragoon.
Does this seem at all possible to you?
my brother the GM has suggested I "pull out" the character and replace it, however we are now lvl 12, and he wants whatever I replace to be lvl 12 and a fighter.
It wouldn't be so bad if our cleric at least didn't cast silence upon me pratically everytime I talk, no one has yet to bother me to ask if I can speak without sounding so dramatic and over the top like my characters uber powerful paladin father, in a group of good people everyone seems to dislike me.
What if anything should I do? I'm tempted to reverse the silence power with an anti magic field since I don't think magic is going to be a big problem for me in a bit, and make them all suffer through my characters good will towards all, or change the character out for another sort of fighter.
If I replace the fighter I'm going to replace it with a two weapon fighter, uses the double swords and will be more quiet and allow our mage and rogue take charge and see how much trouble we get in.
Suggestions, questions, or am I just being overly senstive on the fact that the rogue seems to be able to out fight me a fighter of 11 levels and can seemingly out jump me?
To also clear up some doubt about the player of this rogue, we have for a long time suspected him of really fudging his dice rolls, critted 12 times in a row one day of course we were on the other side of the room when he rolls his rolls... so. **shrugs** Who knows, I'm not going to accuse him of cheating, god knows my character stats are always high enough to make me liable to be accused of cheating... six siders love me... ten siders hate me.
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