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Gamer Questionnaire

1.) First character ever played (pc or npc): that would be two, I started out as a DM and had two npc's that were accompanying my single players two pc's. Raullis (an elderly stereotypical wizard, robes, pointy hat, beard and all) and Kira (a brawny woman fighter with long raven black hair and built like a truck). Sadly, in their first encounter, Kira and one of the pc's were eaten by wolves and Raullis was taken captive by orcs and carried off to vanish for about two years real time as the players one remaining pc hid and watched Raullis' fate before running off to find new adventurers to travel with.

2.) Most recent character played (pc or npc): Aka Halruthgar the Blue, a half human, half fox-hengeyokai (humanoid fox) wizard with blue fur specializing in explosives and destructive magic and an obsession with magical research and golem and machina technology. He's vain, egotistical, self-centered, rude and typically irresponsible, though he'd turn everyone of those into glorious virtues and deny (or fireball and hide the ashes) of anyone who would argue them. Aka is my pc in a D&D game run by my hubby Wil. Sadly, due to scheduling and timing, the game has been put on hold for an unknown length of time. I NEED MY D&D FIX!!! :p

3.) Favorite alltime character played (pc or npc): Sirra GoldenStar, describe Sirra properly would require one to game with me for several years to truly appreciate her. She's an enigmatic "elven" woman about 5' tall and with ears nearly 1' long. She's a behind the scenes manipulator, though easily provoked by even the smallest of peoples, very, very difficult to keep dead for more than 24 hours, an annoyance to any deity who's path she crosses, a hero to some, a villain to most, wise, yet foolish, powerful, yet nearly incapable. Some of my players love her, some hate her, some can't make up their minds and most vary from day to day how they feel about her. Her goal and vision is unkown to anyone, most say including herself. Sirra has been an active npc in my ongoing campaign for 17 years now.

4.) Favorite and least favorite game systems: my favorite is the d20 system, though AD&D second edition is only a few steps behind and World of Darkness barely shadowing it. My least favorite that I have played is by far ICE's Middle Earth Role Playing - that system was TERRIBLE. So you want to shoot an arrow? Okay, first roll on the pull chart, then the release chart, then the air speed velocity chart combined and multiplied with the random air flow chart combined with the weather pattern altercations modifiers - there, you have shot, now to roll on 18 charts to see IF you hit, then another 9 to see WHAT you hit, etc - a game too devoted to rules lawyers and "roll-players". It was horrid. Our DM in his search for realism even added about another ten house-rule charts of his own. Ugh. It's no wonder we never made it through a single adventure.
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