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Iron Roleplayer (I felt the need to post this one)

The ingredient:

Drinking. Boozing. Tippling. Getting lit. Getting wasted. Knockin' [more than] one back.

Not potions - alcohol. Rum, vodka, martinis, merlot, bathtub gin, jagermeister, everclear, white russians, coors light (tap the rockies - get one red mana), zinfindel, lager, mead, tequila shots, schnapps, krystal, or whatever your poison.

Getting drunk, getting the player characters drunk, getting the players drunk (heh), drunken NPCs, the dangers of drinking, LARP simulations of drinking, whatever. You name it. The scene, scenario, encounter, plot, story, chronicle or campaign has to have a major theme of boozing.

Any game, any setting.

There's enough plot about booze in music, TV and the movies that this could be fun.
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