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Spelljammer versus Planescape

I wanted to thank everybody who gave advice a month or two ago about coming up with ideas for running my first game.

After giving a little thought, I decided I feel most comfortable running AD&D 2nd Ed. And I'm really fond of Planescape and Spelljammer. Unfortunately it seems I loaned out my Planescape books to a friend... around four years ago. And I don't have Spelljammer. Thought I could borrow it, but turns out the people I thought I could do that from aren't sure where it is.

So I tried for both on Ebay, figuring I'll run whichever I wind up getting. Got both. Of course.

So, I was wondering which some of you think would be better for me to run as a first game? I enjoy both settings, and have even considered allowing the game to go a bit back and forth between the two. I'm just not sure yet what I want to do.
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