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I've been going through some of my old gamer notes, things unused or half-dreamed, and this will be my first post detailing some of this old material. A little bit of gamer nostalgia from me to you.

When I was 10 years old I bought the Marvel Superheroes RPG books and started to make my first characters. The very first superhero I ever made was obviously a personal fantasy of mine:
STARWOLF A man who could change into a wolf or werewolf form at will, he had the ability to leap great distances (for roof hopping) while in werewolf form and could telepathically communicate with canines of all varieties. He received these powers by being bitten by a radioactive wolf (how *cough* original). I called him Starwolf for no other reason than I thought it sounded cool.
I made a series of animal-based heroes: Starhawk, Starcat and Starshark.
Starhawk was the leader and I justified their "star" names by saying that Starhawk was an alien. Starhawk had giant wings, he had no real powers except for flight but was from a civilization far advanced from our own so was also very smart. He had arrived on Earth to warn us and help protect us from a xenophobic alien race that wanted to exploit our planet for mineral resources.
Fast Forward was also a boy genius who could run as fast as he could think, he received his powers through alien experimentation conducted upon humans by the xenophobes. Fast Forward was who I started to identify with more as my own personal hero-mythology began to get bigger, so when I drew pictures of him I gave him my haircut and sometimes drew what I was wearing as his clothing.
As part of my storyline I also wanted to create villains, the idea of using aliens was far-reaching for me and I needed people for the heroes to go up against, I created Tornado and Cyclops.
Cyclops was one of the original titans, revived back to life by foolish archaeologists searching for Atlantis off the coast of Greece, he was 14 feet tall and nothing could stop him, his virtual invulnerability made him an unstoppable killing machine, but he could easily be defeated through cunning or telepathic powers. (which Fast Forward possessed!)
Tornado was another attempt at creating depth to my storyline, by day she was a fitness instructor at the gym where Starwolf worked out. In the story, she was in love with Starwolf's secret identity, Max Roberts. After acquiring her powers from alien experimentation, she decided to hold New York City hostage. She had the ability to create tornadoes (duh!) and hurricanes that could far surpass anything nature ever inflicted upon us. So when she encapsulates New York within a massive hurricane, keeping most of the buildings inside of the storm's eye, she manages to defeat every hero who comes after her. Upon knocking Starwolf out he transforms back into his human form and Tornado is so torn with grief at what she is doing she "turns to good".
Hey! I know it's stupid and sappy, but I was 10!

I never actually played an RPG with any of these characters, but I got to run a Champions game a few years back and so I included them as people who were already heroes before the players. Having the history established helped out greatly.
I changed Tornado's background so that she was from Columbia, after the battle with Starwolf, when Tornado became a "good guy," she emigrates to Columbia and becomes a figurehead for South American countries.
Starwolf and Starcat remained, though I changed them into twins (Luke and Leia influence?) whose family was blessed/cursed with their powers. Their family were actually responsible for lycanthrope myths throughout the centuries, and the curse was meant to make them outcasts but as superheroes they were surely blessed.
Starhawk's background changed slightly, he became an ambassador to the United Nations from his planet, I gave him minor telepathic powers, and changed his name to something alien and unpronounceable, so humans refer to him as "The Hawk" or "Lieutenant Hawk".
I got rid of Starshark because he sucked, and turned him into Sharky, a villain from Russia who was tough to kill and had a tendency of biting people's limbs off with his massively misshapen jaw.
Fast Forward also remained pretty much intact, except I got rid of his super-speed and made a new hero called Mercury.
Oh yes! And in the original storyline, the xenophobic race puts a fusion reactor on the opposite side of the moon then propels the moon into the Earth killing everyone. I was going to change this slightly so that they explode the reactor, causing the moon to slowly drift towards Earth at a rate of about 1 mile per day. A little catastrophic danger that was supposed to be my campaign's climactic final dilemma, but it never got that far.

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